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Our Services

Emergency Services
  • We have personnel present to handle emergencies 24/7
  • We can Repair your existing part or parts by welding, and re-machining to your specifications. Another alternative is to remove the damaged area and add a new piece by threading or pinning back together.
  • We can make a replacement part quickly to hold you over until one can be made to print. The part can be made out of pre-heat treated material, or flame hardened in house.
  • We can make a part to print , and move it along to all processes as quickly as possible. With our experience and contacts in the Detroit area we know how to get things done fast.

In-House Services
  • CNC Machining. (Milling and Turning) : Prototype Parts, Parts to Print, Small Production Runs.
  • Manual Milling and Turning
  • Grinding: ID, OD,Surface, and Jig grinding
  • Assemblies: We can repair and build complete Assemblies. We do all piping and wiring in house. We can do trouble shooting as well as build complete machines.
  • Design: We can design and build Lift Tools, Hand Tools, Carts , Prototype Parts, Holding Fixtures, Transfer Tables, Work Stations, Etc.
  • Urethane Parts: We create our own molds, and pour urethane parts. All durometers. We can also bond urethane to all metals.
  • Welding and Fabricating: We have MIG, and TIG Welding Equipment. We weld most metals in house. We can Fabricate from small brackets to just about anything.
  • Precision Sheet Metal: Computer Enclosures, Control Panels, Guarding, Etc.
  • Brushing, Polishing, and Lapping: We can put a decorative brush finish on all Metals, We also can buff and lap to high a toleranced polished surface.
  • Sandblasting
  • Black Oxide


We are good problem solvers.
  • When a part keeps breaking we can make recommendations to make the part better, or look at the application and come up with a solution.
  • Reverse Engineering: When you need a part made to sample, we can create a print from the sample, and then make the part. We look at the old part, check with you to get the apllication information, and come up with a new part.

Outsourced Services:

We have good sources for the following. Everyone we deal with cooperates with us in getting things done fast.
  • Wire, and conventional EDM
  • Broaching, and Slotting
  • Splining, and Gear cutting
  • Plating: Zinc, Chrome, Nickel, Annodizing, Etc.
  • Carbide Spray
  • Heat Treating

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